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myCobot - Flat Base

myCobot - Flat Base

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myCobot-Flat Base is the base for collaborative robots from Elephant Robotics. (Fit for ER myCobot 280 M5、 ER myCobot 280 Pi. )Flat Base myCobot can be fixed by inserting the Lego connectors into the baseplate and the bottom of the robot arm. Let you focus more on operating the robotic arm for creation and research. It is recommended to use it on smooth desktops such as glass, marble, etc. Test the adhesion of the desktop before use.


Simple and Robust Robotic Base
  • The flat base is ideal for the robotic arm. It can hold the robotic arm very well. So you can focus more on creation and research.

Compact and Does Not Take Up Space

  • The compact design and small volume let you don't worry about taking up too much space on the table.

Move Freely

  • The flat base allows you to move arbitrarily on a flat desktop.

Easy to Use

  • It installs in minutes on the Robot arm, please check the instructions.

Lightweight and Easy to Carry

  • It weighs only 60g, which is very light so that you can carry it easily.



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