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ELECFREAKS micro:bit TPBot Car Robot Coding Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

ELECFREAKS micro:bit TPBot Car Robot Coding Kit (Without micro:bit Board)

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Different Appearance: The appearance of the micro:bit TPbot robot car kit is made of ABS material. Compared with other cars, this is not a naked car. It is safer and has better color and hardness.

Two modes: (1) TPBot robot car kit can follow lines and avoid obstacles without inserting micro:bit. (2) Once you insert the micro:bit, this becomes a micro:bit programmable smart car that offers kids the chance of learning code.

Eye Patch: Kids can customize different colors of the "eye patch" through graphical makecode programming, and the micro:bit Tpbot robot car can emit brilliant colors in the dark.

Rich Extension Interface: RJ11 (standard:4P4C) Interface and 4-way servo interface (standard:3 pin). Your child can create rich and fun cases by connecting different sensors.

Building Block Extension: This micro:bit robot car kit is compatible with building blocks, kids can create various shapes. It better improves their interest in programming.



TP Bot car robot coding kit is a smart coding car for micro:bit. It can be regarded as a different robot car for its preset functions that do not need a micro:bit; it can also be used as a teaching aid at the same time, you can code it via the micro:bit or make extensions for the other modules and the standard building bricks to develop children’s imagination and creativity.


Welcome to makecode graphical programming, It is easier for kids to understand programming and be interested in programming. Use our TPbot robot car kit to learn programming better.

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This is where the TPBot car robot coding kit ’s Smart Car’s magic lies. Created by the BBC, the micro:bit motherboard is a pocket-sized computer that can be programmed to operate multiple functionalities, allowing kids to easily learn programming while enjoying the journey as an entertainment activity.

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Play football with it, turn it into a police car and organize group chases, make it be seen in the dark by automatically turning on its lights, or make it a carrier car—the possibilities are as many as you can imagine. It’s just a matter of using your creativity to make them a reality!


As an advanced didactic aid, the TPBot car robot coding kit is compatible with building bricks, allowing your kids to build and test different structures. At the same time, this smart car is also expandable through electronic modules that allow your kids to build on the expandable smart functionalities that they are free to explore and add to the car.

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ELECFREAKS micro:bit TPBot car robot coding kit for Kids BBC micro:bit DIY Programmable Robot Car for STEM Education Project

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A gadget that stimulates the imagination of children must necessarily be versatile. That’s why ELECFREAKS micro:bit TPBot car robot coding kit comes with lock-joints on both sides of the body and bumps on the top that allows you or your children to create any personalized appearances and to give expression to any creative functions you want it to have.

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